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See the portfolio page for this!

Although I have already made Sonart, which let’s me put records ‘on’ with Sonos, I still wasn’t quite satisfied with my music setup.

When not using Sonart, to put music on when I get home, I had to:

  • Take out my phone
  • Unlock it
  • Open Sonos app
  • Search or select a playlist (from hundreds I have saved)
  • Hit ‘Replace Queue’
  • Hit confirm

Although this doesn’t sound like a lot of steps, it creates a lot of opportunities to either forget what you were doing and put your phone away, or get distracted reading messages, emails or facebook, and then put your phone away. All in all, it was too many steps to just put some music on – and I often found myself sitting in silence hours later.

The idea behind Sonos Buttons is that I just want to come home and press one button, and have music start playing. In order to allow a little choice, and keep it up to date, I decided I would use several buttons, and that that would need to be ‘programmable’ in the same sense that car radio memory buttons are programmable.

Since I hadn’t got much prior experience using the GPIO pins on the Pi, I got my friend Nick involved to help build this one, which we did in a couple of evening sessions.

The code for the project can be found here.


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