Sonos Buttons

A set of programmable playlist buttons for Sonos


March 2016


To allow me to quickly put on some music when I get home. Also so I can concentrate on listening to a few new albums at a time.

Tools and Techniques
  • Raspberry Pi + Raspbian
  • Pi GPIO pins, Circuits, Buttons & Soldering
  • Sonos API
  • Python Development

Sonos buttons is a set of 6 buttons for controlling my Sonos system, which I made with my friend Nick.

  • When you press and hold one of the buttons for a few seconds, whatever playlist currently queued in Sonos will be saved to that button.
  • When you tap the same button later on, the same playlist will replace whatever is currently queued, and start playing.

This allows me to save a few different playlists down, and then be able to put them on at the tap of a button when I get home.

See the blog post for more rationale, and how we made it!

Blog Entry