Ego Graph

Demonstrating network analytics and insights with Facebook


April 2014


Toy project to demonstrate the use of Gephi, Network Analytics and Sigma.js!

Tools and Techniques
  • Gephi
  • Social and Organisational Network Analytics (SNA / ONA)
  • Sigma.js

Having spent some time exploring the use of network analysis techniques on various types of graph data at work (in particular communication networks, and organisational networks), I created this simple network based on my facebook friend network in order to demonstrate some SNA techniques and analytics.

For this example, I used ‘netvizz’ application on facebook to pull out my ‘facebook friend’ network, then applied the modularity scoring and the force atlas algorithms in Gephi, in order to cluster and layout the graph. Finally, I displayed the resulting network using sigma.js in order to create an interactive visualisation which could be used for my post.

Take a look at my blog post for more information on the analytics in use.