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Medical Specialty Dashboard

August 9, 2016/0/0/

See the Portfolio Page on this! We decided to restrict this to Adult Medicine specialties. I was able to find a very useful annual census on the Royal College of Physicians website. This included an Excel dashboard which contained much of the base data. I couldn’t find anything as recent for private practice numbers, but […]


Sonos Buttons

April 2, 2016/0/0/

See the portfolio page for this! Although I have already made Sonart, which let’s me put records ‘on’ with Sonos, I still wasn’t quite satisfied with my music setup. When not using Sonart, to put music on when I get home, I had to: Take out my phone Unlock it Open Sonos app Search or select […]


House Sales

January 10, 2016/0/0/

See the portfolio page on this! Some notes on this analysis: Historical house sale transactions can be downloaded from the Land Registry. However, the address data isn’t well mastered, and there are near misses on things like town and street names. I spent a lot of time normalising and de-duplicating this data, in particular the addresses, […]


Quick install of Spark and Scala on Windows 7 in Standalone mode

November 5, 2015/0/0/

I wanted an easy of way of developing scala and spark code on my local Windows machine. These steps got it working. 1. Download and install java: 2. Install Scala: Download the latest bianry from Locate and copy the installation directory (by default something like ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\scala’) Create a scala environment variable: Open […]


Creating a Glastonbury 2015 Sampler Playlist

May 26, 2015/0/0/

I used python and the Spotify API to make a playlist with the top 3 tracks of (almost) every artist on the Glastonbury line-up. We were lucky enough to get Glastonbury tickets again this year. Being Glastonbury, there are plenty of artists I know well – but there are also plenty I don’t. I decided to do the standard thing […]


Home Server Setup Steps

May 26, 2015/0/0/

Below I’ve recorded (and slightly curated) the steps I took to get my home server fully up and running. Configuring Hardware Installing SSD First off I put the SSD into an external caddy and plugged it into a Windows PC, so that I could use SanDisks utility to upgrade the firmware. Turns out it was […]


Understanding the effect of limited precision GPS data on speed distributions

April 29, 2015/0/0/

I've been looking at speed distributions derived from GPS tracking data. When I started to see some strange peaks in the distribution, I investigated to see if they were being caused by the limited precision of my GPS coordinates (My east/west readings were on ~1m precision, but north/south coordinates to only ~11m.) Take a look at this notebook, where I: I [...]


New Site Format

April 11, 2015/0/0/

I've migrated my blog to this new site, and in the process created a split between my projects, and my blog entries.


Scraping Weather Data

April 8, 2015/0/1/

We recently had a requirement for UK weather data. A little digging around revealed that hourly weather observation data is available, free of charge from the UK met office, via the uk gov open data site. However, this link above only allows one to download one hour of results at a time, which is a [...]


Sonart on Pi (Part II: The Application)

April 7, 2015/0/0/

Sonart is my project to control Sonos / Spotify directly via a camera and album covers. I got the application up and running last night, and it works a charm. I have just pushed the initial code to github, and you can find it here: I plan to make some updates to clean up […]