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Welcome to my blog, portfolio and general repository of things.

Update Oct 2019 – I haven’t updated or used this website for a long time – and a lot has changed in life and work. I considered taking it down, but decided to leave it up since I do occasionally refer to things on here!


Medical Specialty Dashboard
August 9, 2016 /0 /0/More

See the Portfolio Page on this! We decided to restrict this to Adult Medicine specialties. I was able to find a very useful annual census on the Royal College...

Sonos Buttons
April 2, 2016 /0 /0/More

See the portfolio page for this! Although I have already made Sonart, which let's me put records 'on' with Sonos, I still wasn't quite satisfied with my music setup....

House Sales
January 10, 2016 /0 /0/More

See the portfolio page on this! Some notes on this analysis: Historical house sale transactions can be downloaded from the Land Registry. However, the address data isn't well mastered, and...

Quick install of Spark and Scala on Windows 7 in Standalone mode
November 5, 2015 /0 /0/More

I wanted an easy of way of developing scala and spark code on my local Windows machine. These steps got it working. 1. Download and install java: http://java.com/en/download/ 2. Install...

Creating a Glastonbury 2015 Sampler Playlist
May 26, 2015 /0 /0/More

I used python and the Spotify API to make a playlist with the top 3 tracks of (almost) every artist on the Glastonbury line-up. We were lucky enough to get Glastonbury...

Home Server Setup Steps
May 26, 2015 /0 /0/More

Below I've recorded (and slightly curated) the steps I took to get my home server fully up and running. Configuring Hardware Installing SSD First off I put the SSD...

Understanding the effect of limited precision GPS data on speed distributions
April 29, 2015 /0 /0/More

I've been looking at speed distributions derived from GPS tracking data. When I started to see some strange peaks in the distribution, I investigated to see if they were being...

New Site Format
April 11, 2015 /0 /0/More

I've migrated my blog to this new site, and in the process created a split between my projects, and my blog entries.

Scraping Weather Data
April 8, 2015 /0 /1/More

We recently had a requirement for UK weather data. A little digging around revealed that hourly weather observation data is available, free of charge from the UK met office,...


More about me


I’ve been working around data and code for years (I started in earnest back in 2001 when I built my first e-commerce site). Later I went onto study Physics (Natural Sciences) at Cambridge to MSci, and spent the following 5 years working as a data analytics consultant for Deloitte.

I’ve always been interested in the more advanced end of the business analytics spectrum, continually seeking opportunities at home and work to learn and use data science skills. In 2014 I moved from Deloitte into a new Data Insight team at Royal Mail, and since then I’ve been working on a broad range of business problems and opportunities.

I enjoy all elements of data science; statistics, modelling and machine learning, visualisation and communication and even creating production code and products.

I’m most passionate when working with datasets related to tangible real life problems and applications.